Heimo-Koru Ltd.

Established at 1973, Heimo-Koru Ltd. is a major part in the chain of development within the Finnish jewellery design, and as such it has connections that provide customers with designs ranging from the style of the 50s to the modern day. It is also true that in many of the countries we export to our vintage model jewellery are once again widely popular.

Heimo-Koru Ltd. is a strong international jewellery wholesaler and manufacturer active in both Finland and abroad. At Heimo-Koru we take pride in our know-how and we are always ready to take on new demanding challenges.

Innovative shapes and timeless beauty are the basis for all of our designs. Our designer group consists both of the most famous Finnish artists in their field and of several very promising young talents.

The high standard of quality of our jewellery is ensured by the world-renowned craftsmanship of Finnish goldsmiths. Additionally, all our jewellery are individually finished by hand while our own goldsmiths carefully inspect the quality of our imported jewellery models before they are accepted into our collection.

Today our company invests strongly into scientific research as well as product innovation. Worth mentioning are, for example, the use of private and uniting laser technology in jewellery making and our participation in a co-operative study with the University of Turku on the subject of superplastic modification of precious metals. Currently we are in the process of making a health technology product for our Tekes project in conjunction with the University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Yrityssalo and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. 

Heimo-Koru's set of values:

"The consumer is the boss"

Heimo-Koru is constantly investing resources into understanding what the customer thinks about and how, as well as how the customer sees the products of our company. Full time interaction is key. A continuous strife for innovation and creating something new is the basis of our stragedy in order to satisfy the needs of each and every customer.

Sniffing and searching the future

Our company seeks to anticipate upcoming trends and is working hard on future research. We constantly strive to be the first company to modernise our product development and launching for the modern market. The basis of our technologies and innovations is in the most recent extensive research conducted by universities.

The principles of our actions:

    - Commitment

    - Objectivity

    - Confidentiality

    - Transparency

    - Co-operation